Castles and Country Houses

The Other Holland has its fair share of castles and country houses, which reveal seven centuries of rich history. Some of them are open to visitors, allowing you to see the way the famous ‘home’ owners lived their extravagant lives, the architecture and the art of bygone times; others can only be admired from the outside. But virtually all of them form part of expansive country estates and splendid natural landscapes where you can experience a time gone by.

Castles and historic houses

The Dutch province of Gelderland has many castles and historic
houses. Seven of the castles managed by the Gelderland Trust for
Natural Beauty and Historic Houses are open to the public:
Ammersoyen, Cannenburch, Doorwerth, Hernen, Rosendael, Verwolde
and Zypendaal. You can visit the estates with their houses and castles
and experience the atmosphere as they have been in their glory days.
At Hernen you can explore the impressive bare medieval castle with a
magic lantern and join the young married couple that refurbished it in

In addition to guided tours, the castles play host to various
expositions, performances and other events. Many of the
castles also form a rich backdrop for commercial events
and meetings. All of these activities allow a broad
audience to actively learn about our architectural traditions
and the bygone castle culture and lifestyle.
Many visitors take guided tours of the castles and a lot
of people attend a concert, wedding ceremony or special
event in these castles each year. The other 28 castles
and country homes managed by the Gelderland Trust for
Natural Beauty and Historic Houses are leased as private
homes, visitor centres and party centres.

Gelderland Trust for Natural Beauty and Historic Houses

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