The Netherlands and its water go hand in hand. Approximately one third of the country is below sea level, which shapes the landscape and infrastructure significantly.
The Other Holland lets your guests enjoy this wonderful water world. From cruising over the rivers to waterskiing on the lakes, from admiring the highest waterfall in the
Netherlands to strolling over the dikes, there are unlimited opportunities..

GIETHOORN - The Venice of the North

The idyllic little village of Giethoorn lies in the Weerribben- Wieden National Park. The countless thatched farms in the village were built on small peat islands connected by 170 distinctive wooden bridges. Here, the Dutch show just how beautiful life with and on the water can be. While visiting Giethoorn, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to ride in a ‘punter’, as the locals call their narrow boats, pushed along using a long pole, or to explore in a ”whisper” boat. The journey past the numerous farms and under the bridges will leave a lasting impression! You can also discover the village on foot – you will soon see why the village is sometimes called the ‘Venice of the North’…

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