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The Other Holland not only offers the second largest collection of Van Gogh in the world but is also home to a variety of modern and alternative art collections that cannot be found anywhere else in The Netherlands. Offerings range from modern realism to the magnificent glass art of René Lalique, and the unique sculpture gardens make the artistic picture complete. This is heaven for every art lover.


Dolmens are the oldest monuments of the Netherlands. In the province of Drenthe, you will find no fewer than 52 dolmens within a 30-kilometre radius, concealed by pristine natural surroundings and shrouded in mystery. The people of the Funnelbeaker culture built the dolmens from the erratic boulders that were deposited in Drenthe during the Ice Age, the dolmens served as tombstones.

Hunebedcentrum dolmen centre in Borger
The Hunebedcentrum in Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark is the gateway to prehistoric times, when the first farmers settled in Drenthe and built the impressive dolmens. The largest dolmen of the Netherlands is situated next to the museum, as is the Oertijdpark (Prehistoric Park). The Oertijdpark takes you on a journey through time. You can walk around the houses from different eras and see, feel and smell what those times were like. Prehistoric people are often present on request to recount stories and explain what life was like.

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