2-day Hanseatic Towns Tour

Day 1 Hattem & Elburg

Hattem, one of the Hanseatic Towns in the Veluwe region, has its own distinct charm and identity. The illustrious history of the mediaeval Hanseatic League has left traces here and transformed the town into an attractive tourist experience. The town centre has many authentic shops and plenty of charming outdoor cafés. Not only that, Hattem also has three museums!

Visit the Bakkerij Museum to learn about bakers and baking and to see the inside of an old bakery. Discover how bakers work, go back in time in the old bakery and have a go at baking too! A visit to the bakery museum can easily be combined with a city walk. Time needed: about two and a half hours.


As you walk around Elburg, you will feel as though you are back in the Middle Ages. The magnificent trees on the old city walls (wallen), the narrow alleyways, cobbled pavements and wonderful views make the fortified town a charming place for enjoyable walks. The design of the fishing town is based on the principle of the ‘golden section’, a rarity in urban development, to which the town owes its characteristic shape and grid-like street plan.

Go and look at the old fishing boats at the Botterwerf and visit Museum de Sjoel to learn about Jewish daily life and the more unusual events in the lives of 12 Jewish families who lived in Elburg from 1700 onwards. By then it will be time for a tasty lunch at the brewery, Brouwerij Eembier, where you can also join a tour of the brewery. Time needed: about two and a half hours.


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Day 2 Harderwijk

Harderwijk is a magnificent historic town, surrounded by the Veluwe countryside and water. The town is bustling and friendly and provides numerous opportunities for enjoying culinary delights. Shoppers can indulge themselves too, since the town has plenty of lovely little boutiques. And don’t miss a visit to the Marius van Dokkum Museum while you are in Harderwijk, which is a very enjoyable way to spend 45 minutes. 

The Eel Museum is a new attraction in Harderwijk that offers a glimpse behind the scenes of traditional eel strips, as has been happening in Harderwijk for decades. In the eel smokehouse of the Van den Berg family, the smoker tells the secrets of sustainable eel smoking. A visit consists of a short tour, a demonstration of e el filleting and eel tasting. The Eel Museum also offers packages for groups including lunch.

Optional: a boat trip on the chain of lakes separating Gelderland from the Flevopolder (Randmeren) with a visit to the urban beach and Walhalla.


Distances and times
Car park at Hattem > 25 mins / 26 km > Car park at Elburg
Car park at Elburg > 25 mins / 28 km > Harderwijk

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More information

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