Dynamic Hansa Town

Zwolle is a Hanseatic city and a university town. This is evident: the historic and hip city on the IJssel is bursting with vibrancy. Walk through the bustling centre and discover inspiring boutiques, great shops, fascinating museums, the best restaurants and much more.

Museum de Fundatie

Museum de Fundatie is located in the former courthouse, which has since been enhanced with an ultra-modern elliptically shaped superstructure nicknamed ‘the Cloud’. De Fundatie can be counted among the country’s finest museums. Turner, Canova, Van Gogh, Degas, Mondriaan, Marc, Archipenko, Picabia, Pechstein, Chagall, Marini and Picasso; this collection is certainly not lacking big names. The permanent collection undoubtedly encompasses a number of masterpieces of the last four centuries of art. De Fundatie further adds to the riches by means of an attractive temporary exhibitions programme. The exhibitions are displayed both inside the equally attractive museum itself and in the gorgeous nearby Kasteel Het Nijenhuis, situated amidst a beautiful sculpture garden.

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To See

Hansa walking tour of the city

Walk through Zwolle’s impressive, authentic city centre with a Hanseatic merchant as your guide. The tour sets off from the Sassenpoort and includes a visit to the Zwolse Balletjeshuis. Engrossing stories are part of the deal – on how the Hanseatic League came about, on cog ships and the mediaeval mercantile spirit. How did the goods actually make it to the town centre and how were they transported back in the day?

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