Vibrant hanseatic city on the IJssel

Kampen is beautifully located on, what is often called, one of the most beautiful river fronts of the Netherlands. Almost 500 monuments testify of a glorious past of the Hanseatic city where watersports and culture play a prominent role. Worth a visit is definitely the Kogge Wharf. On the wharf they explain a lot about the Hanseatic historie of the Kogge and you can visit a real reconstructed Kogge ship.

Kampen Municipal Museum
The museum’s permanent collection centres on four themes: water, religion, justice and the House of Orange. These themes make up the foundation of the city of Kampen and have shaped it into the town it is today. The museum also puts up a host of temporary exhibitions that bring together classical and current forms of art.

Icon Museum
The museum provides visitors with an accessible overview of the icon as an art form, also showing the incredible stylistic variety. It sheds light on what icons meant to people in the past, and the ways they are still relevant today – thus ensuring that icons remain a source of inspiration and power.

Cog wharf and the Kampen Cog
Enter the exhibition and get a taste of the days of yore. Enter the hold of the most famous example of a mediaeval freight vessel, the Kamper Kogge, look around the mediaeval fisherman’s cottage on the cog wharf, see how ships were built back in the day and admire locally found mediaeval objects. The cog wharf, one of Kampen’s most beautiful locations offers plenty and experience. Groups can also step aboard the Kamper Kogge for a boat tour.