A beautiful, historical Hanseatic city. With the Veluwe in front and water in the back. A cosy city bustling with good vibes and plenty of opportunities to enjoy culinary treats. Sit on a terrace, go to a restaurant and visit an event or festival. Go shopping for a day, or enjoy a picnic on the city beach. No obligations and many good options.

Guided walking tours
Over the course of a walk through the town, your guide will give you the ins and outs on the past and present of Harderwijk and introduce its many faces: the Hanseatic, fortified, fishery, university and garrison town. Your guide can open doors to you to reveal historical riches that are not immediately apparent. You for instance get to see the stunning frescoes of the Grote Kerk, the goldleather wallpaper in the old council chamber, the fisherman’s cottage that has all things fishery stored in its rafters, the stained-glass windows of the Catharina Chapel, the hidden foundation of what may have been a small mediaeval castle and the remnants of an old road in the cellar of the Krijco casino and of course the Vischpoort.