Flower parades

Flower parades are a typical Dutch tradition. These parades consist of floats decorated with thousands of flowers. The parades of these moving works of art made of dahlias, for example, belong to the national heritage. In the past there have been multiple annual flower parades and sailing light parades in The other Holland. For the upcoming years it is uncertain when these type of events will be able to be proceed.

Sint Jansklooster parade

Some of the towering floats of the Sint Jansklooster parade are made up of more than 350,000 dahlias, which have all been manually pricked onto the float just days before the parade. There are 12 large floats in this parade with marching bands in between. In the evening parade, the floats are all lit up for the largest lit flower parade in the world.



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Unique to the Vollenhove flower parade is the location. The floats drive through a charming old town. Vollenhove was a suburb of the Hanseatic League. The parade consists of 11 floats of up to 12 metres high, with marching bands in between.


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More information

For further information or to make special arrangements, please contact Nico de Mol, Visit the Other Holland, +31 (0)6 407 639 48 or n.demol@toerismevan.nl.