3-day Tour of Royal Houses

Day 1 - Nine manor houses

Kasteel Ruurlo
This magnificent manor house and its vibrant landscaped garden is surrounded by water. The history of Kasteel Ruurlo dates back to the 14th century. Walk across the glass bridge to enter and discover its beautiful halls and colourful rooms. The manor house is also home to a large collection of realism works by the painter, Carel Willink.

Kasteel Ruurlo | +31 (0)575 760 300 | info@museummore.nl | Vordenseweg 2, Ruurlo

Stop for a while and enjoy a delicious lunch in the orangery at Kasteel Ruurlo, for example.

Oranjerie Ruurlo | +31 (0)573 820 220 | info@oranjerieruurlo.nl | Stapeldijk 1, Ruurlo

Cycle route past eight manor houses and country estates
This cycle route, that takes you past eight manor houses and country estates, starts at nearby Kasteel Vorden. You can enjoy the green countryside to the full while riding a bike or an e-bike as a guide tells you all about the history of the buildings and their inhabitants. Apart from Kasteel Vorden, the route passes Huis Medler, Huis Kiefskamp, Het Onstein, Kasteel de Wiersse, Kasteel de Wildenborch, Kasteel Hackfort and Kasteel den Bramel.

Cycle rent: Fietsverhuur Vorden | +31 (0)575 551 256 | info@kleinbrinke.nl | Zutphenseweg 85, Vorden

Guide for manor house cycle route | +31 (0) 575 553 222 | info@vvvbronckhorst.nl

Travelling time and distance
Kasteel Ruurlo > 11 mins / 10.5 km > Kasteel Vorden

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Day 2

Kasteel Rosendael
The day starts with a visit to Kasteel Rosendael. A guide will show you around the imposing, fully furnished manor house. Rosendael’s large collection of furniture, silver and porcelain will give you a good idea of how its early inhabitants lived. The gardens are also magnificent and are known for their little fountains, bedriegertjes, which suddenly spout water when you least expect it.

Kasteel Rosendael | +31 (0)26 364 4645 | rosendael@glk.nl | Rosendael 1, Rozendaal

Start your afternoon well with a delectable lunch. One option is to have lunch on the terrace of the orangery at Kasteel Rosendael which still serves its original purpose every winter as a place to store the exotic plants.

Oranjerie | +31 (0)26 364 4645 | rosendael@glk.nl | Rosendael 1, Rozendaal

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After lunch it is time for the Hanseatic Town of Doesburg. This wonderful mediaeval city has delightful narrow streets with magnificent old buildings. Explore the centre or visit the Netherlands’ oldest pub, which dates from 1478. You will conclude the day on a boat trip on the River IJssel. The fortified town can be admired from the water.

City guide Stadsgids Doesburg | +31 (0)313 479 088 | info@vvvdoesburg.nl

Boat trip | +31 (0) 6 2296 7069 | loet40@live.nl

Travelling time and distance
Kasteel Rosendael > 16 mins / 15.8 km > Doesburg

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Day 3

Paleis Het Loo
For over 300 years, members of the Dutch Royal Family lived and worked in Paleis Het Loo. They received their guests at the palace, those coming on business and personal friends. The gardens of Paleis Het Loo have been completely reconstructed and now look exactly as they would have in the time of King and Stadhouder Willem III and his wife Mary Stuart II, the first inhabitants of Paleis Het Loo. The gardens are symmetrical with a great many different patterns, incredible fountains and historical plants.

Paleis Het Loo | +31 (0)55 577 2400 | info@paleishetloo.nl | Amersfoortseweg 1, Apeldoorn


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A tasty lunch to set you up for the afternoon, at the Koetshuis restaurant at Kasteel Cannenburch, for example.

Restaurant 't Koetshuis | +31 (0)578 571 501 | Maarten van Rossumplein 2, Vaassen

Kasteel Cannenburch
Cannenburch Castle is furnished in authentic 18th-century style. The paintings, porcelain, furniture and other implements are in the same place as they were a hundred years ago too. In conjunction with the many portraits, this gives a good impression of the castle’s rich history. A unique feature is the steward’s house in the grounds, where you can see how the staff at Cannenburch lived. The land agent’s house and the castle farm are also open to visitors.

Travelling time and distance
Paleis Het Loo > 14 mins / 7.8 km > Kasteel Cannenburch

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More information

For further information or to make special arrangements, please contact Nico de Mol, Visit the Other Holland, +31 (0)6 407 639 48 or n.demol@toerismevan.nl.