2-day tour: Romans to WW2

Day 1 - Nijmegen - Morning

Guided City Walk Nijmegen
With this city walk you will learn more about the history of the oldest city of the Netherlands. From the Roman time to the Middle Ages and the Second World War.

Museum Het Valkhof
Museum Het Valkhof houses a major collection of Roman antiquities, old masters, and modern art. The collection of archaeological objects has as central theme the presence of a Roman legion in Nijmegen and along the border of the Roman empire in the Netherlands.

Musem Het Valkhof | 024 360 88 05 | Kelfkensbos 59, Nijmegen

Day 1 - Nijmegen - Afternoon

Enjoy a lovely lunch in Nijmegen.

Freedom Museum
In the museum, you live through the period preceding the war, experience the occupation, celebrate the liberation and witness the rebuilding of the Netherlands and Europe after the war.

Freedom Museum | +31 243 974 404 | welkom@vrijheidsmuseum.nl | Wylerbaan 4, Groesbeek

Wine village Groesbeek
The combination of hilly countryside and unique soil makes the Groesbeek area perfect for wine production, and it has evolved into a small-scale wine region. Groesbeek can rightfully call itself the Netherlands’ leading ‘wine village’.

Travel time and distance
City centre Nijmegen > 2 min. / 0,5 km > Museum Het Valkhof
Museum Het Valkhof > 12 min. / 12 km > National Liberation Museum 1944-1945
National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 > 5 min. / 2 km > Wine village Groesbeek
Wine village Groesbeek > 18 min. / 14 km > City centre Nijmegen

Day 2 - Arnhem - Morning

Guided City Walk Arnhem
Discover Arnhem’s wealth of history during this city walk. It takes you past all the key locations, including sites that played an important role during the Second World War.

Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’
The Airborne Museum was the headquarters of the British Airborne Division in September 1944 and now houses the world’s largest collection of Operation Market Garden memorabilia.

Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein' | (026) 333 77 10 | info@airbornemuseum.nl | Utrechtseweg 232, Oosterbeek 

Day 2 - Arnhem - Afternoon

Enjoy a lovely lunch in Oosterbeek.

Holland Open Air Museum
Holland Open Air Museum brings the history of the Netherlands to life with stories hidden in the historic houses, mills and farmhouses, as well as in our work, lives, customs and traditions.

Holland Open air Museum | (0)26-3576111 | Hoeferlaan 4, Arnhem

Travel time and distance
City centre Arnhem > 12 min / 5,5 km > Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’ Oosterbeek
Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’ Oosterbeek > 10 min / 7,5 km > Holland Open Air Museum Arnhem
Holland Open Air Museum Arnhem > 12 min / 6 km > City centre Arnhem

More information

For further information or to make special arrangements, please contact Nico de Mol, Visit the Other Holland, +31 (0)6 407 639 48 or n.demol@toerismevan.nl​.