2022: Floriade & Hanseatic Towns

Hanseatic Towns

© Jurjen Drenth

Located near the water with rich heritage, splendid merchant houses and unique facades, history surrounds you in the Hanseatic cities. The Other Holland has the uniquely exclusive position of hosting every Hanseatic city in the Netherlands. Each Hanseatic city has a different authentic feel and charm! Shop in the old streets, sample the cultural heritage amongst monumental buildings and have a bite to eat in one of the many convivial squares.

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For further information or to make special arrangements, please contact Nico de Mol, Visit the Other Holland, +31 (0)6 407 639 48 or n.demol@toerismevan.nl.

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Voor meer informatie of speciale pakketten neem contact op met Nico de Mol, Visit the other Holland, +31 (0)6 407 639 48 of n.demol@toerismevan.nl.