2020: Europe Remembers & Daniel Libeskind

The events of 1944 and 1945 will be commemorated internationally, nationally, regionally and locally in 2019 and 2020. The commemoration and celebration of 75 years of liberation, peace and freedom will focus on the troops and civilians who fought for us.

Freedom Museum

The Freedom Museum is set in the beautiful landscape near Nijmegen, Arnhem and the German border, a unique location: Operation Market Garden, the largest airborne operation in history took place here in September 1944 and Operation Veritable, the Rhineland Offensive, the final road to freedom in Europe, started from here in February 1945. The museum brings the historical events of the liberation by the American, British, Canadian and Polish troops back to life. In the museum, you live through the period preceding the war, experience the occupation, celebrate the liberation and witness the rebuilding of the Netherlands and Europe after the war.

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Airborne Museum - Hartenstein

Hartenstein Villa is situated on the edge of Oosterbeek, this exquisite building is the Airborne Museum’s home. It was no coincidence that the museum was established in this villa. During the Battle of Arnhem, Hartenstein Villa was Major-General Urquhart’s British headquarters. The battle lasted nine days, from the 17th till the 25th of September 1944. It was intended to bring a swift end to the Second World War, but that is not what happened...

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