Stories of the past are hidden round every corner in the Netherlands. In September 1944, while the Second World War was still going on, the allies entered Maastricht, which had been occupied for four years. Operation Market Garden was followed by the terrible Battle of the Scheldt. In the early months of 1945, the area around Nijmegen became part of Operation Veritable (or the Battle of the Reichswald): the start of the Rhineland offensive. There are still plenty of places around Arnhem and Nijmegen that have connections with Market Garden. One of those places is the iconic John Frost Bridge at Arnhem. You can learn all about the bridge and the historical background at the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 (Nationaal Bevrijdingsmuseum) and the Airborne museum ‘Hartestein’.

Liberation Route audio spots

The Liberation Route in the Netherlands enables visitors to experience the events of 1944-1945. Almost 200 audio spots have been created throughout the Netherlands, including on the border between the Netherlands and Germany. At every audio spot, you can listen to inspiring stories, recounted by one or more people at the end of the war.

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